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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 15, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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now on fox 45 early edition. a victim's father speaks out. somebody knows something. we need to help out. a young tow truck driver targeted. he always had a smile on his face, a positive attitude, aaways willing to help somebody. a father's grief as his search for his son's killer continues. a cut down on canine. where there could be a 1-dog policy. of course, it's frustrated. and president bush's memoir hits store shelves, the never
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before heard details of his time in office. good morning. it's monday, november 15th. you're taking a live look out over the inner harbor. good morning, i'm patrice harris. let's get a check of our forecast as we head into a new week. meteorologist steve fer significanfertig withwhat we ca. what can he examine expect n expect in terms of temmeratures. we got dry air right now. there's a little bit of fog in spots. be aware of that as you head out this morning. take a look at the sky hd raaar, there's a couple fronts to the west. there's a boundary that is approaching. that won't bring us a whole lot of rain for some particular areas. 50 degrees starting for the area. 48 degrees in d.c.
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and 39, the cooler in salisbury. everybody eese looks like in the upper 40s, fog attbus stop, be aware of that, under 48 degrees, -nder mostly cloudy skies at 48 degrees for the average. we will get to 59 for the high which is seasonable. average ttis time of year is 57. we will talk about the rain and when that is expected to move in. right now we start with the traffic edge can candace. good morning, we have a crash that shuts down route 175 at dorsey road. you want to use route 1 as the alternate route. as far as 95 scooting through the area, let's take a live look traveling at route 100 and you can see that is moving up to speed, a bit foggy and the northbound and southbound lanes and 95 looks good through whitemarsh, all way down toward the beltway, 4 minutes bief 55 s per hour. and 54 miles per hour, and all
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the way up toward the 83. nothing to get in the way from 795 toward 95, a calm, 12-minut3 clip, 54 miles per hour there. that's a look at morning travels. patrice, back to you. 5:02 on fox 45 early edition. dozens of tow truck drivers outraged over the murder of one of their co-workers are demanding answers. they believe someone out there knows something about the muuder of 23 years old andy joys. megan gilliland is live inú baltimore where joys was killed. >> reporter: we are live along mosher street this is the same block where andy waa shot to death on the job two weeks ago. the motive in this murder still unclear. the killer still out there. his family, friends and co-workers believe that someone out here somewhere knows something about who is responsible for this death lined the streets last night rallying demanding answers trying to tuned out what happened the night that andy joyceewas
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killld. joyce was found shot to death in his tow truck moments after a call for help. a woman and her baby were stranded and someone came to pick them up and moments aterr3 as andy appropriated the tow truck to pull away, someone pulled the trigger. >> why was he just shot? we don't know. the police don't know. someone knows something and we need to help out. >> reporter: a loving family and a young son andrew's murder is a crime that has left so many heartbroken. police do not think that anything was stolen from his truck at all only adding more confusion into thh motive as to why this young man was targeted. but anyone with information that would lead to an arrest is offered a reward from crime stoppers. mmgan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. police are investigating after someone shot out the windows of several vehicles near
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the loch raven boulevard. it happened close to the bridge area. at least two cars were involved in the incident. authorities believe that the shooter used a pellet gun. one person got glass in thh air and went to the hospital, a second person was hit in the leg. no arrests have been made inside an anne arundel teenager is facing murder charges after a man dies in a pizza robbery. he was arrested on saturday. he is one of four suspects who police say tried to rob mr. winson pizza friday night..3 20 years old flores was there at the ime and he told the suspects to leave, he was shot. employees watched as it happened. >> i said, what is going on here. the guys showed me the gun and i said you go back. i just stepped back and the neet 10 seconds the firing. >> we asked them, is heealive
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and his dad was like, he is dead. that is when we just fell in tears. >> nn one else was hurt in the incident. police are still searching for the three other suspects. an argument turns violent inside a royyl farm store over the weekend. police say two people were shot. it happened at a store on annapolis road in ow owe odento. police arrested bias and logan shooting. both face charges of second degree assault. police say the victims are expected to be okay. prince george's johnson and his wife are busted in an fbi sting and more arrests are coming. -heir home was raided on friday by the fbi they had been under investigation for taking kickbacks from developers. when they went into the home, leslie johnson who was just
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electedded county counnil tried to flush a check theetoilet and stuffed more than $79,000 in cash into her bra. they recorded a phone conversation from her husband telling her to dispose of the money. >> public trust is broken when public officials commit crime i. irs criminal investigation sends a message with the fbi that no public official gets a free pass as no one a bo above the law. >> it comes as johnson is wrapping up as a county executive. he spent a decade as a lawyer for the irs. you may want to think twice about speeding in college park today. that is because the town's first speed camerr is being activated. the new contact ra wil camera wg
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pictures of drivers. if you're traveling 47 mmles per hour or faster it could earn a $40 ticket. the city plans to add more cameras down tte road. washington state voted last week to ban sales of caffeinated energy drinks that contain alcohol. they're often called black outs in a can. kate baldwin has more on the -ontroversy and health concerns spreaded on campuses ii our area. >> reporter: the name and the efffcts are hard to forget. and after nine students at central washington university were hospitalized after drinking four loko, state officials banned the sale of it and caffeinated malt liquor like it statewide. they're not alone. banned the sale of alcoholic energy drinks and college campuses nationwide are taking 3 >> the general concern with alcohol and energy drinks is that when you mix the two you're creating an unstable combination
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in your body. we worried that sour students ar--that oor students are not as informed as they should be. >> reporter: the university of maryland is not banning the drinks but is stepping out to warn the coomunitity about the potential dangers. the dangers that aren't new but now are served up in a ready made mix and a can that he says is marketed to young drinkers. p> what the caffeine is doing is encouraging people to drink far more than it should. it masks the effects of the alcohol so people don't feel the state of intoxication that would lead them to stop drinking. >> reporter: this is what the tossers is alcontroversy is all. this can as mmch alcohol as 5 bbers and the at fraction of the price. no wonder our loko has earned the binge drinker's dream and a blackout in a can.
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four loko defends its product saying it's just as safe as any other alcoholic beverage when >> i know some students get cases of stuff because it's so inexpensive, i think less than $3 a can. >> reporter: he wrote for four loko. he says by and large and despite the headlines students don't seem to care.ú >> think the cheap means to an end and a quick means to an end. >> reporter: so it seees many people are still getting mixed messages from this controversial mixed drink..3 kate baldwin, cnn, washington. three colorado solliers try to pull off a covert operation to steal from a medical marijuana dispensey but it's all caught on tape. you can see the would be burglars trying to make an escape after noticing police flash lights coming into the store from outside. it turns out the police were
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already in the building and started looking around, after hearing a lot of commotion inside, the soldiers were arrested on the scene. they go to tearing to screaming after a toro goes into a rodeo in canada. while the bull managed to get over a fence and into the crowd on sunday's event, he hit one person as everyone got up and started running. workers at the rodeo were eventually able to pin the bull against the fence but not before four people were hurt. only one of them needed it go to the hospital. and more animals on the loose, a deer wanders out of the up wrecking havoc inside of a local supermarket. this video captures the animal running into a store and dashes up the window and down the aisles and there he goes right authorities say there were several on deer sightings in the
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area that same day. controlling the pet population in chine a officials in shanghai are hoping that a new rule under consideration might help. under the proposal homeowners would be allowed to have just one dog. it would force them to newter their dog and give away any puppies for adoption. if passed the law would go into effect next year. the proposal comes 30 years after they came up with the one child population policy. i'm making sure i'm checking each time. >> how police are trying to address basic concerns after a woman is raped. a cold front moving through brings possibilities of a shower to the west but it's dissipating. it looks like all we are left with are temperatures
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devoted fans flocked to new york city over the weekend to take part in the international bowl cup. it features players holding brooms between their legs throwing volley balls between a hoo all while trying to get the runner through a field with a sock the tournammnt officials believe they got a boost ahead of this week's hal highly anticipated premier of harry potters and the deathly hollows
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part 1. usually they're flying. >> i was going to say there's no walking..3 i are right, it's flying. don't you know? rain is off to the west but not far to the east. not taking too much progress. it's dry according to the hd radar the dry scan. you can see ale of things, a couple of raindrops here and there. some moisture is providing us withhfog in spots. bb prepared for that, further points east and west. downtown not bad. around the gulf coast area, see all of that rain, a lot of that moisture is coming our ay as the low pressure center comes up the oast. as it does, it will be bringing us some showers moving further inland with the most recent model. we will be on the warm side of t it looks like we have showers with a half an inch to an inch of rain as we move during the overnight period. you are beginning to see the rain move into the overnight period, and half an inch to an
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inch of rain is fair game for us and continuing into early wednesday before it's finally out of here. 51 degrees is the starting temperature with mostly cloudy point around 48, though, the temperatures are kept from ú%opping as much, though we're at 51 up in baltimore. 48 in d.c. cooler in salisbury at 39 degrees and 47 in hagerstown. as we watch the low pressure center move in our direction, you will see the rain advance ahead of it, it moves into the center paat of state, and into the central counties as well by 2:00 n the morning. the rain but the heaviest rain coming tomorrow afternoon as the tron tal boundary beginfrontal h then. at 6:00 p.m. the heaviest rain starting to lighten up. it moves with us, until completely wednesday before it's completely out of here. we look for the rier rest of thh week to come. partly coudy skies for the eastern shore.
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winds come out of the northwest as the front pushes through. 59 degrees for the high in the central part of the state, with cloud cover to start with and a little bit of sun here and there breaking through and more clouds again for the later part of the day as the moisture comes up from the south. back to the west, 58 degrees for the high. partly sunny there, and more clouds and he chance of showers after midnight but 47 degrees for the overnight low. anotherrrelatively mild nnght. in comes thaa half ino inch of . 55 on thursday. ú%eck out 49 only for the high on friday, but drier conditions for the weekend, mid-50s for ssturday anddsunday. now for a look at what is happening on the roadways, here is candace dold. >> reporter: steve, we're tracking actual numbers on the roadways and so far we like many of them. in fact, heading on 95, 54 mmles %-whitemarsh, 644miles per hourn the belt at harford road and 55
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on the jfx. we do need to talk about an accident in jessup. it completely shuts down route 1 as the alternate route. on 95, scooting through the region, take a live look at route 100, here is the moderate volume, southbound and northbound lanes up toward 195. in fact, right at 195, let's take a live look and seeehow that is shaping up for you. it's going to be light activityy southbound and northbound up to beltway. there's nothing to get in your way, let's ake a live look moving at frederick road this %-freely in both ú%at's a look at the morning travels. patrice, over to you. thank you, candace. still ahead, living in the lap of luxury, where high-end goods are making a come back. >> i'm making sure to check each time who is around. >> looking out for an alleged ú%pist. why some residents at a
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police are stepping up patrols around one laurel apartment complex where a woman says she was raped while taking out the trash. myranda stephens as more on why
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residents say they still don't feel safe. >> i had my balcony cracked and my window's cracked. >> reporter: this woman who she wants to be known as maria says she heard screaming outside of her laurel apartment building on monday. she had no idea the screams were coming from a woman being raped. >> i did hear a scream. i heard that scream before and it sounded like children playing or something like that, beccuse it didn't sound like a scream, scream, it was a cream. >> reporter: a 23 years old woman walked behind the building to throw trash in the dumpster but as she was walking back, a man standing in the bushes suddenly began following her and grabbed her and threatened her with a weapon. he then raped the woman before taking off on foot. >> i felt comfortable getting out. now i'm making sure i'm checking each time to see whoowas around ors officere.>> reporter: offid
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searched the area but couldn't find the suspect. at the time he was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and sweat pants. police say they have also stepped up patrols in the area but some residents say not as much as they should. >> a little disappointed, because, i'm assuming they haven't caught the person yet, and you know, the lights are still dim here, still dark and not adequate patrols, i'm disappointed about that. >> reporter: maria says, since the incident, she makes sure she has someooe on the phone when walking out at night. if the complex doesn't improve security soon, she may leave. >> safety is key, it's important, when you have children and you kind of want to free with them coming in and out. i don't feel that way anymore. >> reporter: in laurel myranda stephens. the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. anyone with information about the rape is asked to call police. coming up later on the early edition, auctioning off items once owned by disgraced wall
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street investor bernie madoff, where the pr
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sales of luxury goods took a big hut during the recession, but appetite for high ends goods is coming around the u.s. and other parts of the world. >> high-end goods are coming back strong. p> we took a big punch to the stomach and it was a big decline. so the luxury sector took a bigger hit than other sectors. you're coming offfof the ower base. what spiced me has been tte repiedty at which the high-end poonts have come stronger than i
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thought more quickly. >> reporter: it's not just in the u.s. the asian shopper is feeling less shy about showing off, too. >> the market is exploding. part of what ii happening is the expanding consumers in china who are able to consume more goods. if you play china ffrward, over the next five years, china will be the 3rd market in the world for luxury goods. >> reporter: the rebound in luxury sales is dictated by the stores that are owned and managed by the brands themselves. in 2010 alone sales were increased by 20%. at arnes it's all about 23%. it's about the accessories, handbags, scarves, wallets or even shoes. those sales increased by 16%. and frankly it's even beating out the leader of the luxury sector which is, of course, apparel. >> but it's not just women who aae making ash re registers ri. ú% actually in the last 12
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months, the men business has out paced the growth in the women's category. >> reporttr: when you browse through the top dollar shop, you may be hard-pressed to find a sale sign. >>the first half of the year the gross margins improved 600 bases points. we ar reduced the amount of promotion. >> reporter: overall consumer pending is expected to remain week. 6% of consumers is driving more than 70% of the purchases in luxury goods..3 the rebound comes from a small portion in the population indeed. coming up arrests of muggles on the loyola campus, where the suspects are approaching their victims and how school officials are handing the crime. >the tow truck driver shot to death on the job.
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